Issue 2

#1 (july 2015)

60 B5 b/w pages with colour glossy covers featuring in-depths interviews with the following: Lydia Duarte Castagna (Raging Moon Knls - USA), Thomas Mount ( Gallant knls family - USA), Kaisa Metteri-Gold (Masterbolt Knls - Finland), Marius Nedelcu (Ringmaster Knls - Romania), Zoltan Tibor Vasszi (Tiger Tattoo Knls - Hungary), Charly Rola (Power Brothers Knls -Austria).

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  • Lydia Castagna

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #1

    interview w/ Lydia Duarte Castagna (U.S.A.)

    (April 2015)


    Lydia Duarte Castagna is the breeder of Raging Moon Kennels and a well known judge all over the world. In the US, she judged last year's National Specialty. In Europe, she judged several breed clubs, including our Romanian Bull Type Terrier Club Show in 2009 and was one of the AmStaff judges for the Euro Dog Show in Bucharest, 2012.


    Q1. You judged both a National Specialty and the 2012 European Dog Show, so most people in Romania and surroundings know you primarily as a judge and breeder. Fewer know you are also a handler. How did your passion for dogs begin and how did you start showing?



    I got my first Am Staff in 1985. His name was Ch Nightlord's Donner, CD. He was my first show dog, and who I learned to handle dogs on. He was also the sire of my foundation dog. Donny, was bred to Ch Sindelar's Misty Mudd to produce Ch Talk O'The Town-RM's Rocky, CD, CGC, TDI, ROH who is my foundation male and an STCA Sire of Merit. With those two dogs, my passion for dog shows began. Throughout the years I have handled all of my own dogs .... click here to read more.

  • Thomas Mount

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #1

    interview w/ Thomas Mount (U.S.A.)

    (March 2015)


    Dr. Thomas Mount is an apprentice of Gallant's legendary E.C. Ringold, the owner of STCA and Westminster Winner Ruffian Don's Rebel of HarWyn and breeder of Gallant dogs. A keen observer of the AmStaff world for decades, he's now a promoter of the breed's true type, constantly unearthing interesting and relevant breed memorabilia for the world to see.


    Q1. You got into the world of AmStaff when you were very young and your dog Ruffian Don's Rebel of HarWyn went on to become STCA and Westminster winner when you were in your early 20's. Considering such an early success, how was it all set in motion? Were you interested in the breed and did a lot of research beforehand, or were you simply looking for a companion at the time?

        I went to E.C. Ringold's house at 13 years old and was face to face with the most magnificent dog I had ever seen before. He was the 1962 STCA National winner named CH Gallant Kimbo. From that point on my world would never be the same. I became a student of the breed. Mr. Ringold, who was STCA President spent a lot of time teaching me about the breed for years.  click here to read more

  • Kaisa Metteri-Gold

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #1

    interview w/ Kaisa Metteri-Gold (Finland)

    (April 2015)


    Kaisa Metteri-Gold is an long time AmStaff fancier, the breeder of Masterbolt Kennels and a bull type terrier judge. She took part in the starting of the Finnish breed club, in which she acted as board member and president for seven years. She's been showing and working with AmStaffs for more than 25 years. Mrs. Gold is judging this year's Bull Type Terrier Specialty in our country.


    Q1. While very different, bull type terriers do have their share of things in common. You grew up with SBT's but ended up dedicating the larger part of your cynological activity to AmStaffs, being an integral part of its beginnings in Finland. What made this particular breed stand out?



    Masterbolt You Dont Fool me as a puppy in Finland, now living in USA at kennel TKO

     By the time amstaffs came to Finland I was more involved with working than showing. I did compete in obedience and trained SAR. The first two amstaffs were not particular nice in temperament, but later I understood it was more of lack of training then their real temperament.  click here to read more

  • Marius Nedelcu

    The All Purpose Dog #1

    Interview w/ Marius Nedelcu (Romania)

    (April 2015)


    Dr. Marius Nedelcu is one of the most avid promoters of the breed in Romania. He got into AmStaffs almost 20 years ago and is responsible for most of the imports that influenced the development of the breed in our country. He recently got his FCI judging license for bull type terriers and is currently invited to judge club shows all over Europe.


    Q1. As a veterinarian, you undoubtly came accross many species and breeds of animals. What was your first contact with this breed and what made you love it so much as to dedicate your entire activity as a breeder to it?


    The first AmStaff I saw was a female called Bessi Jakuza-Brieff , in an IDS in Timi?oara, year 1995. She was a beautiful, medium sized, dark brindle and white bitch and won Best of Breed. She had a lovely temperament, very vivid and left a strong impression on me.  click here to read more

    Peace Keeper Best for Ringmaster a.k.a. Master
  • Zoltan Tibor Vasszi

    The All Purpose Dog magazine

    Interview w/ Zoltan Tibor Vasszi (Hungary)

    (June 2015)


    Zoltan Tibor Vasszi is the breeder of Tiger Tattoo's Kennel, an AmStaff judge and one of the founders and president of Hungary's MASTAFF Association. Besides breeding and working with his dogs in several fields such as weight pulling and protection, he takes care of organizing conformation and temperament testing events.


    Q1. AmStaffs have been around in Hungary for quite some time, with more than a few well established, active kennels that produced several dogs which appear in a lot of pedigrees in the area. MASTAFF was only formed in 2013. What was the situation before it and what made you found this club?


    The first American Staffordshire Terrier in Hungary has been registered in 1989. This brilliant breed got really popular in our country after this.


    CH Tiger Tattoo's Young Scamp the Ruffian

     The idea to found an association for AmStaffs  first came into my mind in 1992 but at that time it was not possible because of the circumstances and the situation of the cynology. Later we tried again a few times but we were unable to found the association until the state livestock law had been changed. click here to read more

  • Charly Rola

    The All Purpose Dog magazine

    Interview w/ Charly Rola (Austria)

    (April 2015)


    Charly Rola, the founder of Austrian kennel Power Brothers, is not just an AmStaff breeder but an all around dog trainer. A big Ruffian fan, he's been in the breed for over twenty years and emphasizes health and temperament. Recently got into training his dogs to do therapy work.


    Q1. You've been involved in cynology for quite some time now, both showing and working with AmStaffs. Would you say that, in itself and compared to other breeds you worked with or observed during this time, the AmStaff is the All Purpose Dog? Which do you think are the activities they excell at?



    CH Esoteric Evil Genius

    The American Staffordshire Terrier is a good working dog but, compared to German Sheperd dogs, it is harder to train and takes more patience to work with. The AmStaff is not the right dog for cold weather activities such as mountain rescue, but is, otherwise, a universal dog. click here to read more

#2 (2018)

Coming soon in print...

  • Beres Sandor

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #2

    interview w/ Beres Sandor (Romania)

    (late 2016)


    Beres Sandor is one of the first AmStaff breeders in Romania. His bred-by female Flober's Calender Girl brought home one of the first important Romanian results in a World dog show 15 years ago. He and his family live in an idyllic rural area of Transylvania where he goes for long walks with his dogs. These are his AmStaff stories.


    Q1: Almost 500 AmStaff pups were registered last year in Romania, out of over 100 litters. But, browsing e-commerce platforms, you'd think there were thousands. You started in this breed a long time ago, when not only there weren't as many, but they were actually scarce, and even more so those with a pedigree. Was the registry still open back then for certificates to be obtained? How did you decide to get an AmStaff and how did you chose Memphis Bastian?

    I don't know exactly where the AmStaff stood at that time in this aspect. When I chose Topi I didn't intend to, nor did have any breed knowledge to help me pick based on pedigrees. I was simply choosing based on appearance. I acquired that knowledge over the years out of a genuine desire to get to know this breed and the dogs that were in his pedigree.

    I remember sticking  four drawing papers together and compiling a nine or ten generations  pedigree for him. It wasn't easy because there was no internet at home. click here to read more


  • Ovidiu Anton

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #2

    interview w/ Ovidiu Anton (Romania)

    (autumn 2017)


    People in Romania know Ovidiu Anton as a rock musician and winner of the National Eurovision selection. Dog fanciers in Romania and abroad know him from the dog shows, where he's been getting top results in AmStaff for years now, or through the dogs born in his kennel, which go on to become companions, champions or internationally recognized top producers. Ovidiu told us more about how he shares his time between his two great passions.


    Q1: You're a musician and have been active in the Romanian showbusiness ever since you were a kid. Having such a personality defining profession, how did dogs fit into your lifestyle, and what was it about Amstaffs that drew you so much as to dedicate such a big chunk of your time to them?

    Hi! Yes, indeed I can say that music in my life started along with my first words, so I don't have any memories of my life that music isn't a part of. Besides the music though, my biggest passion was nature and animals, from the smallest to the biggest, domesticated or wild, but especially dogs.

    I loved them since I was very young and enjoyed their company mostly through my friends because at first my parents weren't very thrilled with the idea of having a dog in an apartment.  I started, little by little, to study several breeds, and I wasn't superficial about it either, because I'm very dedicated to my passions. I don't have many hobbies, but the ones I have get my full and undivided attention and resources. It wasn't long before I stopped at the American Staffordshire Terrier, its aspect,  click here to read more


    Originalul în limba română se găsește

  • Dan Dăscălescu

    The All Purpose Dog magazine #2

    interviu cu Dan Dăscălescu (Clash of K9 Romania)

    (iarna 2017)


    În primăvara anului următor, va avea loc  Clash of the K9, primul eveniment sportiv canin de genul de la noi din ţară. Am vorbit cu organizatorul lui, proprietar de Staffordshire Bull Terrier şi pasionat de sporturi specifice, şi am aflat mai multe.

    Î1. Salut, Dan! Eşti primul intervievat din revistă care are câini din altă rasă, chiar dacă amstafful şi staffy bull-ul sunt din aceeaşi secţiune şi au destule lucruri în comun. Ce te-a atras la terrierii de tip bull şi la Staffordshire Bull Terrier în special? La actualizarea din 2003, această rasă a fost scoasă de pe lista câinilor periculoşi - Cum este să te poţi plimba cu câinele pe stradă fără botniţă? :)

    Salut! Sunt onorat să fiu primul proprietar de câine din altă rasă căruia îi luați interviu și sper să nu fiu și ultimul.

    Aș începe cu istoricul acestui să-i zicem hobby al meu. De când eram mic mi-au placut câinii și mereu am vrut să am unul al meu. Din păcate, părinții nu mi-au încurajat această dorință și atunci nu am avut altceva de făcut decât să mă joc de câte ori aveam ocazia cu câini din orice rasă care aparțineau prietenilor de familie.  continuare o puteți citi aici

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